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    Chin Augmentation

    Chin AugmentationChin Implant Surgery

    With more and more pictures being taken for social media, people are taking notice of their chins. Chin projection is important in having a proportional and balanced face, particularly in relation to the nose. An under-projected chin can make a nose appear larger. Patients with weak chins may also be perceived by others as “less strong.”

    Chin augmentation is performed by making a small incision through your mouth. No incisions are made on the skin. After placing the implant, a dressing is placed for 5 days. The recovery is quick and patients are able to see immediate results on their improved profile view and can never feel the implant.

    Chin Augmentation Overview 

    Chin augmentation refers to a surgical procedure that adds proportion to the chin and offers balance to other facial characteristics.  

    A weak chin gives the neck a fleshy appearance. It accentuates the size of a normal nose and makes a large nose appear particularly big. Chin enhancement using chin implants creates more harmonious facial features and offers balance to the overall structure of the face.  

    Candidates for Chin Implants 

    Chin augmentation surgery provides patients with many cosmetic advantages. Ideal candidates for this procedure include people who have a: 

    • Squared or pointed chin 
    • Recessed chin 
    • Prominent nose 
    • Fleshy neck

    Cosmetic chin implant surgery helps define the jaw and balance the appearance of a large nose. Chin implants are typically used in rhinoplasty to create the maximum cosmetic effect. They may also be used with cheek implants and lip enhancement to create facial balance.  

    The Chin Enlargement Procedure 

    A recessive chin implant surgery uses chin implants to augment the existing bone at the front of the jaw underneath the teeth. The artificial implant is placed under the skin and offers permanent strength and definition to the chin. This method of augmentation can offer patients an appealing, proportionate appearance that appears fully natural.  

    The incision made during the surgery is positioned beneath the chin or within the mouth between the lower lip and the gum. Incisions placed in the mouth are more likely to introduce bacteria into the body. However, such incisions do not cause noticeable scarring.  

    After the incisions are made, the surgeon will insert and position the chin implant in front of the jawbone. The surgeon then examines its appearance for proper balance with other facial characteristics and may modify the implant to make sure that the appropriate look is achieved.  

    After this, the surgeon will suture the implants into position, and the procedure is complete. 

    Potential Risks  

    Chin implant surgery is a relatively safe procedure, but like any surgery, it involves certain risks, such as the migration of the chin implant after placement. This may necessitate a second procedure to adjust the implant into the correct alignment. 

    While infection poses a risk, it can typically be effectively managed with antibiotics. As chin implant surgery can potentially damage tiny nerves, post-op numbness of the chin and lip is a potential side effect of this procedure.  

    Recovery and Results  

    A majority of patients will experience soreness and mild pain in the treated site for a few days. This can be efficiently controlled with pain drugs. There may be a certain level of numbness in the chin for up to three months. In around six weeks, most of the inflammation will subside, depending on the extent of the procedure.  

    The surgeon may take off the outside bandage in around seven days. The patient may need to wear a brace while sleeping for nearly one month.  

    A majority of patients will be able to resume work or return to routine activities in a week to ten days. Implants are usually good for life. The scar will not be visible it the incision was made within the mouth or beneath the chin.  

    Chin augmentation can be performed as an isolated procedure or combined with rhinoplasty, neck liposuction, or other facial rejuvenation procedures.


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