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    Laser Resurfacing

    Laser ResurfacingLaser Skin Resurfacing

    Surgery and fillers do not address the quality of the skin or any superficial sun damage.

    Laser skin resurfacing causes a targeted injury to the upper layers of the skin, which have been damaged by the sun. This allows new skin to form, replacing the sun damaged, pigmented, and wrinkled skin. This improves the skin texture, pores, fine lines, and tightens the skin.

    The CO2 laser targets the top layers of the skin in a very precise fashion, and is the best laser to achieve the desired results. It leads to new collagen formation, addresses superficial wrinkles, and tightens the skin to achieve a youthful appearance.

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    Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

    Laser skin resurfacing is a sought-after procedure that can revitalize the skin and mitigate the impact of aging, sun exposure, and certain facial skin conditions. Treatments are safe, predictable, and effective.  

    In the laser skin resurfacing procedure, the provider will use a laser to dissolve the molecular bonds of the compromised skin cells layer by layer until a more even and uniform skin appearance develops.  

    Good Laser Skin Resurfacing Candidates 

    Laser skin resurfacing is can effectively eliminate wrinkles, lines, uneven pigmentation, or superficial scars on the face, such as acne scarring that is unresponsive to milder treatments. Good laser skin resurfacing candidates have elastic, non-oily skin that is not susceptible to scarring after minor injury.  

    CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing 

    The CO2 laser involves the use of the highest intensity laser available today. The skin’s surface appears tauter and smoother after CO2 laser treatment as the laser uses heat to constrict the collagen bands located in the lower dermis. This laser can remove or diminish the appearance of most scars, wrinkles, birthmarks, and acne.  

    Fractionated Laser Skin Resurfacing 

    This laser skin resurfacing treatment is different from other laser rejuvenation treatments that make use of the CO2 laser. It also involves fewer post-treatment side effects as the fractioned procedure is non-invasive. There is usually no pain or tenderness in the skin after receiving this procedure, and it does not involve any specific downtime.  

    The Procedure 

    Laser skin resurfacing procedure is usually undertaken using local anesthesia (a numbing injection administered in the treatment area. After administering the anesthesia, the surgeon will use a special laser to undertake the skin resurfacing treatment.  

    The use of a targeted and controlled laser beam causes the outer skin layers to vaporize. This reveals more youthful and smoother skin beneath. As the old skin layers are eliminated, the development of new skin cells is encouraged. 

    A partial laser skin resurfacing treatment usually takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete while a full treatment can last for up to two hours. Both of these laser help reduce the potential for laser skin resurfacing complications by restricting the amount of heat damage to the skin and allowing the plastic surgeon a very high level of precision.  


    Laser skin resurfacing can significantly benefit the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. A laser peel can be undertaken to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, acne scarring, blotchy skin patches, and birthmarks.  

    Additionally, it can enhance the overall texture of the skin, which can become coarse and rough due to cumulative sun damage. Deep laser skin resurfacing can promote the generation of fresh collagen in the lower dermis. 

    Recovery and Results 

    The outcomes and recovery associated with laser skin resurfacing will depend on the type of laser being used and the size of the treatment area. The most invasive treatments may create dramatic results but may involve a prolonged recovery.  

    A milder laser skin rejuvenation procedure may mitigate the appearance of some skin aberrations and may involve little to no downtime.   

    Board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Eric Yavrouian receives patients from Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA, and nearby areas for laser skin resurfacing. 


    For more information about treatments and procedures by Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Eric J. Yavrouian,  serving patients in and around Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and the Greater Los Angeles, CA area call 818-241-2150 or click here to contact him for a consultation.

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