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    Asian Eyelid Surgery

    Asian Eyelid SurgeryAsian blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery creates a crease within the eyelid that results in a more symmetric and larger almond-shaped eye. The height from the new eyelid crease to the upper lash line will be personalized as per your existing anatomy and preferences. 

    In general, patients of North Eastern descent (from Taiwan, Korea, and Japan) prefer a range of 3-6 mm (shorter eyelid height). Patients of North Eastern descent (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia) prefer a range of 7-10 mm (taller eyelid height). Excision of eyelid skin and fat removal may be necessary as well for achieving optimal results. 

    An epicanthoplasty may be performed along with the procedure for extending the inner corner of the eye towards the nose. Height and width of the eyes are increased by combining the two procedures. 

    Board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Eric Yavrouian provides Asian eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty to patients in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA, and surrounding locations.

    Candidates for Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

    You are a suitable candidate if:

    • Your eyelids drape excessively over the upper half of your iris
    • You are not satisfied with your eyelid’s shape
    • Your eyes appear puffy because of excess fat
    • Your upper eyelid has an inward fold when you open your eyes

    Types of Asian Blepharoplasty Procedure

    1. Full Incision

    This cosmetic surgery technique is generally recommended for patients with excess skin and fat in the upper eyelid. The method provides permanent results. Furthermore, it leaves a visible scar since an incision is made through the length of the eyelid crease. Based on this, the scar is cosmetically acceptable because of the thin eyelid skin. 

    Removal of excess fat and skin in the upper eyelid will be performed as required once the incision is created. Sutures will be used for mimicking the naturally present fibrous attachments in the double eyelids. Sutures will also be used for closing the incision. 

    1. Partial Incision

    This technique is suited for patients with excess fat and not skin in their eyelids. There is minimal scarring to this procedure. Your surgeon will create an incision in the upper border. With that said, they will keep the incision length as short as possible and within the new eyelid crease. 

    The incision will be used as an operative access point for removing excess fat. Stemming from this, this plastic surgery is more difficult as compared to the full incisional method since the length of the incision is smaller. 

    The surgeon will make use of sutures to mimic the naturally present fibrous attachments in the double eyelids. The incisions will be closed using the sutures which will be removed within 4 – 6 days. In general, the incision is shorter than 5mm and is almost undetectable. 

    1. No Incision

    Several tiny holes will be created by the plastic surgeon for passing sutures. The sutures will be buried under the eyelid skin and will mimic the naturally present fibrous attachments found in double eyelids. Facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eric Yavrouian receives patients from Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA, and nearby areas for Asian eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty

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