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    Correcting The Radix

    Correcting The RadixThe upper bony part of the nose is known as the radix. The radix and cartilage beneath it may be significant leading to a bump in the nose.

    In case the radix is shallow, it can lead to a bump and depression in the nose. The surgeon can decrease the size of the radix by cautiously removing tiny portions from it with rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery.

    To add volume to the area that is depressed, the surgeon may harvest the patient’s cartilage from another location and relocate it to the nose area. The surgeon creates a straighter slope by augmenting the area right above the radix.

    Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Eric Yavrouian provides rhinoplasty to patients in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA, and surrounding locations in this area of the US.

    Anatomy of the Radix

    The length of the nose is an essential aspect of a well-balanced, aesthetically appealing face. If the nose length is too long or short, it can change the viewer’s perception, specifically when seeing the face in profile. The root cause of this problem actually stems from the root of the nose, which is called “radix” in medical terms.

    Sometimes the angle between the radix and the nasal tip is excessively shallow, sharp, has bumps or any other type of discontinuity. These problems can impact the overall appearance of the nose structure affecting the symmetry of the face and its harmony.

    The radix is the area of the nose where the frontal bone connects with the nasal bones. The periphery of the radix lies in between the openings for eye sockets in the skull.

    The radix forms an indent between the eyes while the remainder of the nose protrudes from the skull’s base. The base of the radix, known as the “anterior nasal spine,” comprises a narrow line of bone. This bony structure holds the cartilage in place. The cartilage forms the upper part of the nose.

    Nasofrontal Augmentation in Rhinoplasty

    The cosmetic surgery procedure involved here is radix augmentation. In this procedure, a customized implant is embedded in the radix part of the nose.

    The augmentation happens through increasing the radix to the height of nasal bone instead of eliminating or significantly decreasing the size of the nasal bone. Augmentation is also necessary for revision rhinoplasty procedures where the patient has already had a large amount of the nasal bone taken out.

    The augmentation surgery involves placing implants and reshaping the cartilage in the nose. Some key highlights of an effective radix augmentation surgery are:

    • Correct dissection of the implant pocket
    • Creating customized implants to suit the shape and size requirements of each patient
    • Securing the implant or graft in place securely to enable proper fixation with no movement

    An effective nasofrontal augmentation surgery will create a structure that is proportionate to other facial features in profile as well as frontal observations. Astute facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Eric Yavrouian receives patients from Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, CA, and other communities and cities in this region of the state for rhinoplasty.

    For more information about treatments and procedures by Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Eric J. Yavrouian, serving patients in and around Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and the Greater Los Angeles, CA area call 818-241-2150 or click here to contact him for a consultation.

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