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    Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a popular procedure to improve the shape or size of the nose in proportion to the rest of the facial features. Nose is a prominent part of the face, and even the slightest change to its appearance will have a significant impact on the overall facial profile. Therefore, a cosmetic surgery procedure such as rhinoplasty should only be performed by an experienced and adept facial plastic surgeon.

    Dr. Eric Yavrouian is a dedicated facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon providing rhinoplasty and other facial and neck procedures. During the initial consultation, Dr. Yavrouian will discuss all aspects of the procedure and may make use of rhinoplasty before and after photos to explain it more clearly to the patient. He receives patients from Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, CA, and surrounding communities for rhinoplasty and other procedures.

    What are Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures?

    Before and after pictures in case of rhinoplasty refer to a pair or group of images belonging to an earlier patient who has received the same procedure successfully. The pictures include images taken before the surgery and after the surgery at a stage when swelling has disappeared and full results are visible. An experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon will use the pictures with the consent of the patient, and present them before new patients in a discreet way.

    The only goal of the surgeon is to educate new patients about various aspects of rhinoplasty, and help them make appropriate decisions. Before and after photos serve as a visual tool in cosmetic surgery to let the patients know what the procedure may or may not do for them. Patients in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, CA, and nearby locations have an opportunity to receive rhinoplasty and other treatments from Dr. Yavrouian.


    When a new patient walks into the office of a facial plastic surgeon to seek rhinoplasty consultation, they may not have a clear idea of how the procedure will impact their appearance, and whether it is the most suited treatment option in their case. Some patients may need only a minor improvement such as refining of the nasal tip, while others may need a major nose reconstruction or other substantive changes.

    In some cases, the surgeon may recommend a combination of rhinoplasty and chin augmentation or other procedures. In all such situations, it can be difficult for a patient to make the right choices on their own. This is where the surgeon may make use of rhinoplasty before and after photos to help the patient take the best decisions.

    Realistic Expectations

    The best results in plastic surgery procedures can be achieved when the patient has clear aesthetic priorities, a positive frame of mind, and realistic expectations. With rhinoplasty before and after images, the surgeon will ensure that the patient knows exactly what to expect and what not to expect from the procedure.

    This mitigates the risk of any misunderstandings or disappointments at a later stage. Surgeons may also provide the photos on their practice website so that new patients can review them even before they make up their mind to visit their office for a rhinoplasty consultation.

    For more information about treatments and procedures by Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Eric J. Yavrouian, serving patients in and around Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and the Greater Los Angeles, CA area call 818-241-2150 or click here to contact him for a consultation.