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    What is Dysport?

    What is Dysport?Reduction of facial signs of aging is one of the most commonly requested procedures in cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical techniques. Many of the patients may not be willing to choose facelift or another surgery for wrinkle reduction on the face. In such cases, the treatment provider may recommend an injectable anti-aging facial treatment such as Dysport.

    Dysport injections can produce almost instant results to make the face appear rejuvenated and younger looking. It may appear to be a simple procedure, but Dysport injections should ideally be performed by a facial plastic surgeon for safe and desirable results. Dr. Eric Yavrouian is a leading facial and reconstructive surgeon providing Dysport and other procedures to patients in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles CA, and surrounding communities.

    FDA Approved Treatment

    Dysport was widely popular in Europe as an anti-aging injectable treatment for the face. It was finally approved by the US FDA in April, 2009 for the temporary reduction of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows, which are also called glabellar lines. Dysport can be a good wrinkle reduction substitute for facial cosmetic surgery in cases where the patient is seeking non-surgical anti-aging alternatives.

    Just like Botox, Dysport is also based on botulinum toxin Type A, which is a powerful biological agent. This neurotoxin is injected directly into the overactive muscle that is causing the formation of a wrinkle. It instantly causes the targeted muscle to go into a state of temporary paralysis, leading to reduction or fading away of the wrinkle from the face.

    Stellar Candidates

    Dysport may be recommended for patients seeking treatment of frown lines that may emerge on the forehead between the brows. Patients who are bothered by mild to moderate wrinkles on forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, or other areas of the face may make good candidates for Dysport treatment.

    The candidate should be below the age of 65, and should not have an allergy to cow’s milk protein. Patients with a skin infection on the planned injection site should also wait until the infection is successfully treated. As an experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Yavrouian provides Dysport treatment to suitable candidates in Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Greater Los Angeles CA, and nearby areas.


    Prior to performing the Dysport injectable treatment, the surgeon will clean the planned injection site with a disinfectant or alcohol to minimize infection risk. In some cases, lidocaine may be used as a local anesthetic to numb the targeted area.

    However, in a majority of cases, Dysport treatment is performed without the use of a local anesthetic. The standard Dysport treatment procedure involves one injection delivered into five sites that run between and above the eyebrows.


    The patient will be able to notice the difference almost immediately after the Dysport injectable treatment, but proper results can be seen usually between 24 and 48 hours as the swelling subsides. The results will last for about four to six months with a single Dysport treatment. The outcome can vary from one patient to another.

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